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e-min is a discussion list for Dutch-speaking mineral collectors.
Deze mineralogie-discussielijst is een unieke gelegenheid om in contact te komen met andere (Nederlandstalige) mineralenverzamelaars in binnen- en buitenland. Via de lijst blijft u tevens op de hoogte van wat er op mineralengebied op het www gebeurt.

dedicated to minerals requiring magnification, whether they are actually mounted or not. Thumbnail specimens whose features need magnification are included in the scope of the list. Discussions of collecting localities and of equipment encouraged. Dealers and traders are welcome. 

a discussion list for French-speaking mineral collectors. The goal is to regroup all micro-mineralogy amateurs and show this type of collecting to neophytes. This forum is independent from all other organisations. 
Liste de diffusion créée et gérée par Philippe Saget, ouverte à tous les micro-minéralogistes et micro-monteurs francophones ou non, appartenant ou non à une association.
Site indépendant de toute organisation.

oryctics is a discussion group devoted to the history of mineralogy and crystallography. Topics include antiquarian mineralogy and crystallography books, publications and manuscripts, crystallographic goniometers and other antique crystallographic and mineralogical instruments, crystal models, and anything related to the history of these sciences. 

a forum for French-speaking mineral collectors.
Forum dédié aux Sciences de la Terre, tel la géologie, la minéralogie, la paléontologie, la volcanologie. Venez poser vos questions, partager vos connaissances, vivre votre passion !

is an email/BBS discussion group for mineral, rock and fossil collectors and those with general interests in mineralogy, paleontology, geology and the Earth sciences. The Rockhounds List serves as an extension of the communications and information resources provided for rockhounds by rockhounds.com, the Internet's first 'zine for mineral collectors, lapidary hobbyists and rockhounds, home to Bob's Rock Shop.

Mindat Mineralogy Messageboard
several forums about different subjects like collecting, identify help, analytical techniques, cleaning and prepat-ration, etc.

MSA-Talk list
a forum created by members of the Mineralogical Society of America (MSA) to discuss professional topics of interest in the general areas of mineralogy, petrology, and crystallography. It is open to both members and non-members.

Minerals Foundation
for Dutch-speaking mineral collectors
forum en een vindplaatsendatabase met Field-maps

is a newsgroup devoted to mineralogy that started early 1998. 

devoted to Australian and New Zealand mineralogy