Gem Dealers...
directory of gem and precious stones dealers in alphabetical order:


A.A. Jewel
faceted stones, jewelry, rough, faceting services, moldavite, sugilite, charoite, petrified ivory, jadeite, ruby, etc.

ABC Stone Co. Ltd.
Bangkok based manufacturer and wholesaler of many kinds of Precious and semi-precious Gemstones

Abdali Gems
Pakistan based exporters of premium quality crystals, rough and uncut gemstones and mineral specimens from Pakistan and Afghanistan

A Bijoux
large inventory of stones for collectors and for jewelry

webshop with faceted and cabochon gemstones, including some collector gems

loose colored gemstones, certified diamonds and unique gemstone jewelry. Emphasis on African gemstones

African Gemstones LLC
rough facet-grade gems from Africa, South America and Asia

Afsha Gem International
Manufacturer Exporter & Importer of Precious & semi-precious Gem Stones, based in Jaipur, India. Rich selection of multicolor gemstone beads in different sizes, designs and colors

Agates Ocean
Manufacturers of all kind of agates, crystal quartz, amethyst, rose quartz etc

AJS Gems
Wholesale Gem Company from Bangkok

rare amber with insect inclusions from Mexico and from the Dominican Republic


Amber Gifts
manufacturers and wholesalers of Baltic amber jewelry and semifinished products

The Amber Lady
polished amber with insect inclusions

Amber Stone Live
amber with insect inclusions

Rough and polished Colombian amber

Amber World
amber jewelry and Baltic amber with inclusions

Ameek Brar
fancy yellow diamonds, fancy pink diamonds and top quality colorless diamonds

American-Thai Trading
American-owned company producing quality natural gemstones in Bangkok
Certified Bearpaw Ammonites as museum quality fossils, as gemstones in free-form naturals and calibrated triplets and in art and jewelry

Amorn Gems
wholesale company specializing in blue and pink sapphires and tourmalines. Vast experience with diamonds and semi-precious stones. Custom jewelry with gold and white gold

Anand Gems
cubic zirconia, gemstone processing machines

Angel Blessed Gem & jewelry Company
precious & semi-precious stones and all kinds of beads yellow gold or white gold all kind of jewelry, antique pieces and many more

Ankur Gems
wholesaler/exporter of agate, minerals and lapidaries

Anmol Gems
Genuine Certified Gemstones, precious and semi-precious stones from Burma, Sri Lanka (Ceylon), Africa, Thailand and India

ARC Gems
rough and cut gemstones, facet rough, faceted stones, cabbing rough, cabochons, crystals, specimens, tumbled stones, beads, jewelry, lapis lazuli products

ARSAA Gems and Minerals
Pakistan based wholesalers of rough gemstones from Afghanistan and Pakistan
faceted gemstones from Burma

Ascent Star Co.
wholesalers, importers and exporters of all kinds of gemstones

Aussie Sapphire
fine blue sapphire from Australia (Reddestone Creek sapphire from northern NSW) direct from the miner. Other gems available. Cut and rough sapphire as well as jewelry pieces featuring our own gems.

Specializing in Colombian emeralds and custom cut peridot gemstones from Arizona

designer cabochons

The Beauty in the Rocks
unusual and rare gemstones for collectors and designers

The beauty of amber
amber and amber jewelry

Bijoux Extraordinaire, Ltd
fine faceted gemstones and beautiful custom created jewelry

BIQ International
exporters of crystals, rough and polished gemstones and mineral specimens

BKK Gemstones
specializing in tsavorite green garnet, Afghanistan golden enhydro quartz crystals, color change garnet and other rare and unique loose gemstones

Black Opal
black opal gems from Lightning Ridge

Black Opal Direct
black opal direct from the opal mines in Lightning Ridge in Australia

Black Opal World
Opal cutters and traders of gem quality black opals from Lightning Ridge, Australia

Blue Sapphire Stones
extensive collection of sapphires directly from the source in Sri Lanka

BMO Gems & Minerals
rough opals and gemstones

sterling silver jewelry set with genuine semi-precious gems
finest selection of African rough gems

Bright Star Gemstones
large selection of different and unique colored gemstones and cabochons

loose gemstones featuring tourmaline, spessartite garnet, spinel and others

Buena Vista Gem Works
gemstones and jewelry

Bytrader Company
wholesale of various semi-precious beads, cat eye beads, magnetic beads, top grade pearls, other beads, etc.

Wholesale certified Canadian diamonds from Canada's arctic diamond mines, fine gold and platinum jewelry

Canadian Diamonds Wholesale
Canadian Diamonds at wholesale prices to the public

C and C Gems
loose gemstones, mineral specimens

Capricorn Minerals
gemstones, minerals, rare and unusual Quartz
Gemstones & Diamonds Online-Shop

Ceylon Gems
Natural gems from Sri Lanka (Ceylon), including blue, cornflower blue, Royal blue, padparadscha, white, star and fancy sapphires, chrysoberyl cat's eye, spinel, tourmaline, garnet, topaz and zircon

Ceylon Sapphires International
services provider to international customers - facetting and cabbing

Emeralds and sapphires, a huge stock of calibrated gemstones and high quality jewelry

Chiapas Amber Creations
Chiapas Amber. Great selection of insect fossils, red amber, blue amber, amber beads, amber pendants, amber specimens & rough amber

Chrome Diopside Mines
Siberian mine offers chrome diopside gems in various sizes, shapes and qualities to the wholesale trade

Clarity of Sight
wide range of gems and semi-precious stones, crystals, crystal tumbled sets, crystal balls, wands, pendulums and crystal hearts

Clear Cut Gems
Custom precision faceted gems. Cut with pride in the USA

Coast-to-Coast Rare Stones International
faceted rare stones

Copper Moons Trading
mainly tumbled stones

Creative Gems & Jewelry Co.
manufacturers of jewelry and semi -precious stones in Thailand

C.R. Enterprises
colored gemstones manufacturer and exporter. Dealing in almost all types of gemstones

great variety of quartz crystals: points, balls, pyramids, pendulums, stars, and all kinds of stones and minerals

Crystal Age
crystals, gems, polished stones,beads, etc.

The Crystal Man
natural and worked minerals, crystals, rocks and stones, Mendip potato stone from Mendip hills in Somerset

Crystal Myths International
gems from Sri Lanka

Crystal Rio
semi-precious stone jewelry, rough stones dealers and crystal producers. Exporters of Brazilian stone worldwide.

Day Gems
natural untreated ruby, sapphire, spinel, jadeite etc. Untreated gems from different locations

Deepak Gems
Precious and semi-precious gemstones and diamonds from India

Delarue Opals Australia
Australian opal miner offers natural solid cut boulder opal and opal jewelry, raw (rough) opals and opal specimens for the collector

De Mairo
exporter ,wholesaler of gemstones and their related products, peridot, lapis tiles, tourmaline, emerald from Pakistan and Afghanistan

Derewala International
Manufacturer and Supplier of all kinds of gemstone beads

Designer Cabochons
designer cabochons and gems for collectors, jewellers and metalsmiths. Rare and unique specimens. UK based internet business

Designs by The Jewelers Bench
sterling silver jewelry. Wholesale & Retail direct from Manufacturer

Dragonsaye Lapidary Auctions
rough, slabs, cabs, gems, fossils, fine jewelry, rock and mineral specimens

Du Lyon Jewelers
loose gemstones investment and collector quality, also creators of unique gemstone jewelry

Earth Gallery
gemstones, jewelry, mineral and crystal specimens from around the world

Earthly Gems Limited
minerals, gems and polished stones from around the world, and glass top gemstone display boxes

comprehensive list of tumblestones and other crystals

precision-calibrated genuine gemstones

rare Faceted and Rough gemstones mined from around the world

Embassy Emeralds
loose emerald gemstones from Muzo Colombia in a variety of cuts including emerald cut, oval cut, and fancy cut emeralds

Emerald Garden
jewelry designer and distributor of gemstones

Emerald Imports
rough diamond  and colored gemstone wholesale

Emerald Rough
all about Rough Emeralds, including where to buy

Gems and minerals from around the world

Equilibre et minéraux
gems, minerals, polished stones

Tanzanite gemstones and a lot of information on tanzanite
European online supplier offering a variety of gemstones, diamonds and jewelry supply to the general public, retailers and wholesalers

all kinds of natural gemstones, finest loose gemstones like blue sapphire, ruby, tourmaline, garnets

Facet Rough
gemstones & gems, gem rough & cab rough

lapidary equipment and supplies, books, gifts

Fine African Gems
Australian/Kenyan business that specializes in rough and cut African gems

Fine Agates
Manufacturer, supplier and exporter of agate, gemstone, jewelry and semi-precious stone beads

Fine Gemstones Madagascar
Malagasy based company dealing with a large variety of precious and semi-precious gemstones from Madagascar. We cut our gemstones in our factory in Antananarivo but we also deal in rough gemstones

Gaia Gems
gems and minerals

Gandhi Enterprises
precious and semi-precious stones

Ganoksin Online

Garuda Jewelry & Craft
wholesale dealer for silver jewelry with semi-precious stone

Gem Adore
gem dealer in Johannesburg, South Africa, also offering an online trade network were trade members can sell stock online for free

Gems and Gem Cutting Service
gems and gem cutting service, jewelry and made to order jewelry

Gem And Gemstone
online shopping website for loose natural gemstones

cutting house for Burma red spinel from the mines of Mogok and Namya Ziek. Large stock of natural Burmese gems

Gem Cottage
sapphires and other precious gemstones from Sri Lanka

large inventory of stones for collectors, as well as for jewelry, platinum and gold nuggets, crystals, jewelry. The website is in French and English. Our policy is only the finest.

rough and faceted gems, natural and untreated gems with quality cutting, based in Australia

Gem Hut
natural colored gemstones

Gem India Corporation
Gemstones, various beads, baroques, nuggets, briollette, spheres, eggs, pyramids, wands, jewelry, zeolites, rough gemstones and more from India

Gem Line Inc.
fine quality gemstones

jewelry with diamonds, gemstones, birthstones

Gem Rock Auctions
gemstones, minerals, specimens from all over the world. Trade and parcel deals for resellers

Gems and Rough
all grades of faceting, cabing rough and locally cut gemstones

buy diamond, ruby, sapphire and emerald by going to the source with the assurance provided by Gemsbrokers

fine colored gemstones from the source. Over 40 different kinds of stones with more than 5000 in stock

Gems Evermore
rough and finished fine gemstones of all types

loose gemstones

The Gem Shop, Inc.

exporters of lapis lazuli, tourmaline, aquamarine etc.

Gems of East Africa
wholesale and retail gemstones, tanzanites, alexandrites, tsavorites, green garnets, etc.

Gems of Nirvana
precious and semi-precious loose gemstones to jewelers, investors, collectors and customers in the United States and international markets

Gems of Wonder
all types of precious and semi-precious loose gemstones

precious, semi-precious and collector cut and cab stones

Gems Rough International
facet rough including tourmaline, aquamarine, ruby, peridot etc.

Large collection gemstone pendants, donuts, gemstone beads/strands, gemstones, fossils and minerals

the Gemstone Co.
sells gemstones of all sorts

Gemstone Meanings
large range of precious and semi-precious gemstones

Gemstones Brazil
producers and suppliers of high quality gemstones from Minas Gerais, Brazil

facet rough and cut gemstones from around the world

Australian supplier of Black opal and Boulder opal

gems, jewelry, gem rough, lapidary equipment, books, testing equipment

rare, unusual gemstones, and jewelry from Southeast Asia, especially Thailand and Burma (Myanmar)


petrified wood, Arizona, Rainbow wood, Asia, fossil wood, furniture, tables

fine gemstones and minerals, specialized in sapphire and malaya garnet

retailers and wholesalers of rare gems and minerals

Grand Pearl Jewelry Co.
Taiwanese company specialized in fresh water cultured pearls, semi--precious stones and 925 silver jewelry set with pearls and semi-precious stones

Gran Gem
top quality rare expertly cut gemstones

Hafiz Gemstones & Minerals
rare and top quality facet rough stones from Pakistan, direct from the mine

Hakim Star Chinar Gems
gems from Pakistan and Afghanistan

Harris Precious Stones
Gemstones, Sapphire, Ruby, Emerald, Pearls, Alexandrite

HedgeStone Mine Direct
superior quality and brilliance with a select line of Diamonds, Colombian Emeralds and Ceylon Sapphires

Himalayan Mineraux
gemstones like peridot, lapis lazuli, topazes, minerals, precious stones and gemstone jewelry

Haus der Edelsteine GmbH
Swiss gemstone center, more than 1000 m2 of gemstones and minerals

House of Gems
is a tiny shop in Bangkok, Thailand. We have big collections of rocks, minerals, fossils, fluorescent minerals, meteorites and tektites

facet, carved, rough and collectible gemstones

Ilios Gems
miners and merchants of gems in Australia and Overseas. Specializing in diamonds, black diamonds, sapphires, pink sapphires, Australian sapphires, African gems

IMAAN Gems Collection
all kinds of gemstones from Pakistan & Afghanistan

Indian Arts Collection
crystal balls, crystal pyramids, crystal pendants, crystal pendulums, rocks and minerals, all from India

Internet Stones
gemstones from Sri Lanka (Ceylon sapphires, Ceylon rubies, aquamarine, garnets, tourmaline, etc.

Jewelry Days
diamonds, jewelry

Jewellery Jamboree Gems
gems & jewelry, Persian turquoise, colored gemstones

Precious and semi-precious natural gemstones in Sri Lanka

Jindal Gems
manufacturers and wholesalers of semi-precious and precious gemstone beads based in Jaipur, India

John Dyer & Co.
Artistic gems from award winning gem cutter John Dyer in both brilliant faceted cuts and fantasy cut styles

Jolly Gems International
precious & semi-precious stones, all types of semi-precious calibrated briolettes, cut stones, tumble, beads & tourmaline loose cut and beads

Kala Gems Exports
dealing in more than 300 types of rough stones from Brazil to African Mines

Kapash Gems
semi-precious beads, faceted stones and cabochons

Kaufman Enterprises
importers of fine quality facet rough & cut colored gemstones, specializing in museum quality rare gemstones. We also offer diamond and colored gemstone cutting.

kgn agate
Manufacturer and Exporter of Precious and semi-precious Stones based in Cambay, India

Khushbu Impex
Wholesaler and Exporter of gemstone beads

Krunal S.S.
Diamonds, precious and semi-precious gemstones

K2gem stones
precious and semi-precious gemstones directly from Pakistan and Afghanistan miners, especially aquamarine, emerald, garnet, ruby, peridot and tourmaline

top grade tanzanite and tsavorite and gems from East Africa

Legep Mineração Ltda
agate, amethyst and other ornamental stones, rough and polished

Lemon Quartz
lemon quartz, green gold, lemon citrine gemstones from Brazil

Lila Export
rough gemstones from Madagascar

Lost Mountain Trading Company
wholesale and retail of polished semi-precious gemstones/minerals. New age gifts, celtic jewelry, egyptian jewelry.

Louis Smalley Holdings Pty Ltd
gems, gold nuggets, specialize in opals, sapphires, topaz, chrysoprase

Mac's Gems
Montana gemstones, Canadian ammolite, Brazilian agate

Madagascar Gems and Rough
Gem facet rough direct from our Madagascar office, or our office in the USA

cut gemstones from Madagascar

Mahavir Gems
quality cut loose gemstones

Mallows Gems
UK based faceter of coloured gems, specialising in client required custom cuts

Manzoor & company
manufacturers, exporters & importers of all kinds of rough and polished gemstones like turquoise, coral, opal, emerald, aquamarine and tourmaline

Martin P. Steinbach
gems with asterism, especially star sapphires and star rubies

Matrix Mining
rough Southern African gemstones and ornamental stone

Mayan Crystal Explorer
specializing in rock crystal carvings

Jaipur (India) based gemstone manufacturer specializing our production in ruby, emerald, blue sapphire, yellow sapphire and calibrated gemstone

Mine Direct
suppliers of facet and cabbing rough and mineral specimens specializing in material from Afghanistan and Pakistan

Minerales y Metales del Oriente
Bolivian gem mining and processing company, proprietary of the exclusive mining rights for the Anahi Mine. Producing ametrine (or bolivianite), anahite, amethyst, citrine

Mineraphil Madagascar
various polished stones from Madagascar
cut & polished spheres, eggs and free forms, mineral specimens, crystals, fossils, malachite, jewelry, gemstones

Mondial Jewelry Thailand Online
gold jewelry with diamonds and gemstones, wholesale and retail

Moriarty's Gem Art
loose cut gemstones

Stone-cutting workshop, stone spheres and other stone ornaments

Mountain Gems
rock shop, jewelry and lapidary supplies, books, located in Burnaby, BC, Canada

Mountain Lily Gems
specializing in custom cut museum quality gemstones for the collector or jewelry designer

gems, jewelry, Lortone equipment

Mughal Arts & Gems
manufacturer, exporter & importer of precious & semi-precious stones based in Jaipur, India
on-line gems retailer

Mystic Merchant
gems and hand made jewelry

National Gemstone
specializing in world class independently graded AGL Burma ruby and sapphire, Burma spinel, collector gems and GIA graded fancy colored diamonds

Nature's Emporium
bookends, obelisks, spheres, eggs, fountains, unique decor items from around the world

Nature's Exports
natural stones, rough and polished, direct from India. Cut stones like faceted and cabochons, tumbled stones, pendants, necklaces, etc.

Navneet Gems and Minerals
wholesale cabochons, rose cut gems, rose cut cabochons in semi-precious gems & precious stones

Neel Gem Stones
manufacturer and exporter of precious and semi-precious stones in Jaipur, India. Cut stones, cabochons, beads, nuggets, chips and fancy shapes in plain and faceted

New Era Gems
manufacturer and exporter of gemstones, gemstone beads, gemstone cabs, based in Jaipur, India

New Zealand Ruby Rock
the number one precious gemstone for New Zealand, composed of ruby/ sapphire and tourmaline crystals in emerald green fuchsite

online Certified Gemstone Gem store. Import and Exporter of Natural Precious Gemstones worldwide

A.G. Nisama
African fine and rare rough gemstones for both wholesalers and retailers

Oddestemmen Steinsliperi
Norwegian gemcutter, handcut natural stones

Okanagan Opal Inc.
opal jewelry and cut stones

OM Creation Company
manufacturer, wholesaler and exporter of precious and semi-precious stones from a variety of market sources throughout the world. Specializing in Emerald cut stones

Omega Gem World
faceted tanzanite, tsavorite, rhodolite, sapphires etc.

Once-A-Rock Inc.
Newfoundland lapidary material, stone inlays, rocks, minerals and fossils

rare gems and minerals

Opal Auctions
black opals, boulder opals, rough opals, Coober Pedy opals, opal books, triplets, doublets, silver & gold jewelry, lapidary supplies, gemstones, etc.

Opal Direct
wholesaler, exporter and retailer of Australian black opal and boulder opal

Opal Ethiopia
one of the leading exporters of Wello opals from Ethiopia

Opal and Gemstone Wholesale Auction and Shopping Mall site, wholesale supply, Australian Opals

precious opals from Ethiopia

The Opal Mine
opals and opal jewelry

Opal Negra Mining
Virgin Valley, Nevada, precious black opal

Opals Down Under
loose opals & jewelry - black opals, boulder opals, white opals & crystal opals. Free global delivery & certificates of authenticity with each sale

opals straight from the mines on an almost weekly basis. Opal dealer situated in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

All natural Australian Gem Opal. Gem opal jewelry, black opal, unique gem opal beads, matrix boulder opal jewelry, opal doublets, solids and inlay opal

Optima Gem
wholesale gems and jewelry

Orissa Gems
all kinds of calibrated and free size cut stones

Australian local gemstone dealer that specialises in Australian rough gemstones and also stocks a variety of gemstones from around the world

Pala International
fine gems and minerals

Paraiba International
gem dealer specializing in tanzanite gems and gemstones. Also features rare and semi-precious stones

A Passion for Diamonds - APFD
certified clear and colored diamonds, custom diamond jewelry

Pearla del Mar
cultured pearls and precious opals

Pelham Grayson Inc
wholesaler of minerals, gemstone carvings, salt lamps, crystals and more

Peridot Lovers
Loose peridot gemstones from China in rare large sizes

Persian Turquoise
Persian turquoise wholesale trading

PGR Gems
dealers of loose gemstones and diamonds as well as finished jewelry and gold mountings

Phoenix Orion Fine Gifts
gemstone spheres, pyramids, eggs, hearts and carvings as well as a large selection of crystal ball stands

Pier Avenue Rock Shop
rock and gem shop on the Oregon coast. We deal in Sunstones both cut and rough as we own one of the Sunstone mines

precious opals, also synthetics

Planet gems
precious to semi-precious gem stones

The Polished Pebble
Hand Cut & Polished Stone Cabochons

trading and information system for the jewelry trade

Precious African Gems
rough gems direct from East Africa. All stones are in the USA ready for immediate shipment; tsavorite, malaya, spinel, sapphire and various others.

Precision Gems
hand cut custom gemstones, cut to exacting standards in the USA. Unique designs

Preferred Gemstones
faceted loose gemstones, custom designs, birthstones

Purnima Enterprise
manufacturers of agate and semi-precious stone articles such as spheres, eggs, pyramids, points, beads of all shapes, etc.


Rachminov Diamonds
natural fancy color diamonds, supplier of yellow diamonds, pink diamonds, and other colored diamonds

Rainbow Enterprises
gemstones, precious semi-precious faceted cut shapes, cabochon, beads, carving, manufacturer, wholesaler & exporter of quality color stones

Rehman Gems
suppliers of precious and semi-precious stones based in Jaipur, India

rough gemstones dealer based in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Richmond Crystal
Web shop for gemstones, pendants & more

Ritchard Gems
Natural gemstones including Precious opals from around the world

Rio Gems Luxury Gemstones
aquamarine, ceylon sapphire, chrome diopside, garnet, kunzite, peridot, quartz varieties, mystic topaz, pink topaz, swiss blue topaz, watermelon tourmaline, rubellite tourmaline, pink tourmaline, etc.

RMC Gems
suppliers of precious & semi-precious stones with sales offices in Bangkok, Hong Kong & Japan and cutting factories in China and India. Huge product line including all major stones like topaz, amethyst, tourmaline, garnet, citrine and large variety of other stones and beads

Rock of Ages
the Acasta Gneiss, the oldest known rock on the planet

The Rocks Gemstone Mining
gemstone mining outside of Pittsboro, North Carolina

Rogue Gems
specializing in Oregon sunstone and a wide variety of high quality unique semi-precious stones

De Rolsteen
Enormous collection of faceted stones, specializing in Ruby and Sapphire. Wholesale and retail

Rough and Ready Gems
briolettes in matched and single pieces

Rough Stones Brazil
rough stones exporter company of Brazil

Gemstones with silver jewelry. Wholesale and retail.

Ruby Fair
Fair trade gem miners UK based with Tanzanian mine with Ruby, Spinel, Sapphire and Tanzanite

Rubymark Inc.
Afghanistan natural rough stones, main products Sapphire, Ruby, and Emerald, also all kinds of natural colored stones from Afghanistan, Pakistan, Tajikistan and the region, such as: amethyst, garnets, topaz, tourmalines

Sadeeqgems & Minerals Inc.
African and Nigerian gemstone miners and exporters with mines all over Nigeria. Dealers of high quality rough gems

Sadiq Gems
diamonds, precious and semi-precious gemstones, handcrafted silver and gold jewelry

Sanju Gems
exporters of wholesale rough-cut gemstones,
mineral specimens, bead necklaces, fancy agate items

Schultz Gems
hand-cut, high quality Brazilian colored gemstones

Seab Gems Ltd
dealers of rough & cut gemstones from Africa

Gemstone cabochons, beads, bead sets

S.G International Trading Company
rough and polished ruby as well as other gemstones

Shah Gems & Jewellery Manufacturing Co.
exporter of gems and jewelry

Shree Shyam Impex
exporter & wholesaler of all kinds of precious, semi-precious stones, cabochon, gemstone beads, semi-precious beads, silver jewelry

Siddique Gems
all types of precious and semi-precious gemstones, own manufacturing unit

Silverhawk's Gems
Cabs cut with the jewelry designer and beader in mind

Sithy Gems
producer of high-quality colored topaz in designer-cuts (custom-cut) in Sri-Lanka

S.K. Jewellers
manufacturer and exporter of precious and semi-precious stones in a wide range of colors and cuttings

rough and faceted gemstone wholesale

Soriano Collection
objects made from semi-precious stone mined in Africa

South American Imports
importers of crystals and minerals

Southwest Silver Gallery
Finer Native American and turquoise jewelry

Sphere's To You
mineral spheres

Srilankan Sapphires Ltd
sapphires from Sri Lanka , Madagascar , Tanzania , Nigeria , Cameroon , Mozambique and Burma

SS Gems
wholesaler and supplier of all types of semi and precious stones together with single cut diamonds

Star Cut Gems
Custom Cut Gemstones by award winning Lapidary John Bienia

de Steenarend
de Steenarend cuts gemstones, is a shop for minerals and cut stones, sells lapidary products and is a mineral museum

wholesale gems, jewelry and presents

rough and tumbled stones in star ruby, ruby, sunstone, agate, jasper, moonstone, aventurine, etc.

Stephan Hoglund Studio
Sculptural jewelry using unusual gems, minerals and beach rocks from the Lake Superior Basin

Steve Perry Gems
finer quality gemstones from worldwide locations

Steve's Stone Art
Petoskey stone jewelry and miscellaneous

StoneBridge Imports Ltd.
Importers and distributors of ornamental stones, gems and jewelry. Mineral specimens from Brazil

Precious stone carver since more than 25 Years. Only unique handmade carving. My motto - One Piece One Design

Stone Chest
UK based web shop selling gem stone, mineral, fossil and crystal supplies

The Stone Dragon
gemstone slabs and rough

Stone Mania
handmade jewelery which includes up to 150 different gemstone varieties

Sun Rocks Minerals Exports
exporters of rough and polished stones from India

Super Natural Gems & Jewellery Co.
manufacturer and exporter specialized in supplying semi-precious stones and Jewelry in China

Swala gem Traders
quality gems (tanzanite, spinel, tourmaline, garnet, ruby, sapphire etc) directly from the source as well as mining activities (tsavorite)

Australian black opals, and other precious gemstones like ruby, sapphire, emerald, alexandrite, tourmaline, tanzanite, aquamarine

La Taillerie de Nîmes
French gemcutting workshop in Nîmes, specializing in beautiful Australian opals and fine quality minerals

Tanzania Mining Dealers Ltd.
dealers in tanzanite, gold, diamond

Tanzanite Authority
Sightholder Partnered Group of Tanzanite dealers specialising in investment grade stones all with independent certificates
loose tanzanite stones and tanzanite jewelry

Tanzanite Gemstone
specializing in faceted tanzanite

Tanzanite Gem Stones
gemcutters of Tanzanite and other rare gemstones, and jewelry designers
exporters of Gemstones and gemstone jewelry in Thailand

Thai Native Gems
Precious stones, diamonds and gold jewelry wholesaler
gemstones, rough, minerals, and more

German online webshop with faceted gemstones and diamonds and gem mountings

The Tourmaline Outlet
rough and cut tourmalines and other gemstones

Unconventional Lapidarist
Jewelry, gemstones, freeform cabochons
cabs, spheres, mineral specimens, and lapidary rough

Unique Opals
large range of Australian Opals and Opal jewelry at the best wholesale prices together with extensive information about Opal

Universal Traders
gemstones from Pakistan and Afghanistan

Valley Gems
gemstones, rocks, minerals, jewelry and crystal shop in South Africa

Vergin Gem Star PLC
rough and cut stones

Vibgyor Gems
Manufacturer & Exporters (wholesale) of loose rubies, sapphires and semi-precious gemstones to the gemstone and jewelry industry

Vijay Sanger
rough natural gemstones

V-Rock Shop
lapidary, rock and gift, wholesale only

wholesale of rough stones, semi-precious gemstones and gemstone jewelry

gems, Italian hand-made jewelry, Paesina stone

Wenstone Gems
gemstone manufacturers in China. Producing and exporting high quality agate, crystal, azurite, tigereye, jade, gemstones and synthetic gemstones

White's Fine Gems and Custom Faceting
custom cut gems

Wholesale Jewelry Direct Distributor
wholesale sterling silver jewelry

Wiener Edelstein Zentrum
Vienna Gem Center - import and export of cut gems

Wild Fish Gems
untreated gemstones only; No Heat, No Radiation, No Bleaching, No Oil, No Filler, No Diffusion, No BE, No Chemicals

Wired Artist Jewelry
wire wrapping

World Gem Guide
directory of precious and semi-precious gemstones from numerous online dealers

World Gems Importers
wholesale gemstones, rare gemstones, Ceylon sapphires

World Vin Gems
mail order exporters of fine quality gemstones, crystals, fancy color diamonds

Yogendra Impex
wholesaler and exporter of all kinds of precious & semi-precious cut stones\beads, cabochons, and fancy shapes